Introducing BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Youth Creator Gel-Cream, a day cream for all skin types that rejuvenates, restructures and refines using cutting-edge stem cell biotechnology that stimulates skin cells to mobilize their own natural anti-aging defenses.
The globularia cordifolia is a purple daisy that thrives on exposed, rocky mountain ranges like Point Sublime in the French Alps, at altitudes of up to 6600 feet, in freezing temperatures. Its secret to survival?  A phenomenon called hormesis whch occurs when organisms are exposed to stress, enabling cells to mobilize their defenses and improve resistance to subsequent stresses. 
Intrigued by this process, bio-technologists, working in the field of plant cell culture, found that by mimicking stress in the globularia cordifolia it produced a compound called phenylathanoid glycoside that improved cell longevity, detoxification and regeneration. Clinical trials of this cell culture extract have now shown that PG also stimulates cellular anti-aging defenses in skin cells resulting in smoother, brighter and calmer skin.
Brad Hunter
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