One day I get my hands on a black clay, as dark as pitch. Were the ashes of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland, which caused the same havoc in European skies in 2010.? Macabre souvenir? No, an extravagance ... That black cosmetic clay powder (SteinEY of Soley Organics in ) was the ultimate mask to remove toxins and impurities from the skin and promote cell regeneration. Without thinking twice, with me that fateful smearing mud and stayed planted in front of the mirror rigor fifteen minutes of waiting the miraculous results that magical clay. At that time I was already what you might say one insider in the world of cosmetics. No creams tested by curiosity, but by pure addiction. Like me, I have found the way to challenging beautyholics other indications of the prospects have made ​​masks his favorite product. Some use a different one every day; other, several at a time ... "masks are certainly a fertile ground for experiments. A test I love layers. For example, for a thorough cleaning first apply a thin layer of very light oil and then a clay mask "says Cruz Calvo (director cube beauty expert at finding the most unique cosmetic). It's what the experts have not hesitated trends called layering effect , add actions to multiply the effect."One of my favorite rituals is to use a chemical peel immediate absorption and light consistency (fantastic Ultra Peel of BRAD ) to create a passageway to the deeper layers and add other layers after treatment: peptides or anti-inflammatory agents ( Regenerative Compound Floral Masque Royale of In Fiore or Instant Plumping Cream ofOmorovicza ). "When skin is desinflamada in perfect physiological equilibrium is shining, this living, breathing," adds Cruz. Meritxell The pharmaceutical Marti ( ) can not live without Gold Mask of Leorex ("always carry in my vanity," he says) a magnificent mixture of silica, gold particles and vitamins that almost magical way changes the appearance of the skin, "but if I want to clean more thoroughly and balance my energies I use Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask for Wei ", inspired in traditional Chinese medicine that also act on the skin beauty, influence what the Orientals call the flow of Qi or vital energy brand. 

It has always fascinated me oriental medicine. Reading texts Taoist understanding that beauty goes beyond the mere external appearance of the skin and started to make sense to me that all the meridians, energy flow, blockades and its effects on appearance. Started looking for something different and effective, not to simple cinera glossy appearance of the epidermis but while acting internally to repair what would have inevitably reflected on the outside. So reach Aculifting Mask , a mask made ​​of a plastic material extent (FDA approved) with neodymium magnets (800 gauss and 2500) located at strategic points. I surprised her rigid and transparent structure with small points of golden metal. It reminded me of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Man in the Iron Mask and I figured that dam structure in order to defy time. Had found something new and interesting that however was inspired techniques with centuries of tradition: acupuncture and magnetic therapy. For TCM, if the face is well watered with blood and energy, the effects of aging will be lower. The manufacture of the mask is complex. Facial measures are taken, a health questionnaire and a mold is sent to Canada where skilled acupuncturists determine the points where they have to place the magnets according to the energetic map of the person becomes. After about a month I get my mask, I started to use it 30 minutes a day, every day. Soon I started noticing results: increase the healthy look of my skin and the brightness of my eyes, my pores are refined and dark circles faded. Do not know if I'll have fewer wrinkles, so if it is that when I take off the mask a feeling of serenity invades me, and no wonder, two magnets are located in Taiyang points (at the temples) and Yintang (in the forehead, between the eyes) that promote sleep and relieve stress. Your price: 1.500 €. Is it worth the cost? Given its handmade, bespoke and forged our own energetic second map, it is certainly a good investment in beauty and long-term health.


Brad Hunter
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