More to the point, there are no studies that identify any ingredients or combination of ingredients that the eye area needs (or should avoid) that are different from those that skin on other areas of the face needs or doesn't need. When it comes to moisturizing dry skin, reducing wrinkles, building collagen, brightening, and improving skin tone, your skin needs the same ingredients, whether it's around your eyes or elsewhere on your face.


The eye area is indeed more sensitive, but skin everywhere on the face, including around the eyes, needs gentle ingredients that don't cause irritation or a sensitizing reaction. Irritation steadily damages your skin, leading to collagen breakdown and inflammation, all of which slowly reduce your skin's ability to heal and act younger.

Every part of the face needs stable, potent, and GENTLE state-of-the-art ingredients. It doesn't make any sense that the eye area should get the good, non-irritating ingredients yet the face gets the bad or potentially troublesome ones.

Ironically, lots of eye creams and other eye-area products often contain extremely irritating ingredients, including fragrant plant oils, sensitizing plant extracts, mint, and synthetic fragrance, all of which are terrible for the eye area and for the face!

It is true that the skin around the eye is thinner, but when you compare most eye creams to most face products, the eye creams generally are thicker and heavier; they aren't lighter weight at all. Most face products actually have a lighter and thinner consistency than eye creams, and putting a heavy, thick-textured product on thin eye-area skin can be too much, unless you apply very sparingly.

Using thick eye creams can make your foundation or concealer crease into lines around the eye, which makes your wrinkles look even worse!If the face product you're using or considering is well formulated to fight dry skin and wrinkles, repair skin, create healthier skin cells, build collagen, improve dark circles (to some extent), and prevent sun damage, then use it, and you will be doing the most you can via skin care for the eye area. All of those benefits have nothing to do with the label on the product; it is all about finding brilliantly formulated products whether labeled 'eye cream' or something else.








Brad Hunter
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