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Serums are a crucial part of the modern woman's beauty ritual. These Essential Elixir Serums were specially formulated to focus on your particular beauty need. For dull, uneven skin choose the beta-hydroxy acid packed Pore Tightening Serum to re-texturize and reanimate dull, uneven looking skin. Photo-damaged skin benefits from the ACE + MSM Serum that uses a patented vitamin C blend to repair and protect. Aging skin is given new life with the Multi-Peptide Serum that rebuilds and revives skin with amino acids, tri-peptide 3 and proprietary Biophotonic Herbal Bio-Infusion. Skin that needs moisture is quenched with the oil-free Hydrating Serum, loaded with hyaluronic acid and a blend of multi-amino acids that improves collagen and elasticity.

Brad Hunter
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