Travel is not always kind to even the best cared for skin.
Protect, Hydrate and Nourish your skin with BRAD’s ultimate travel regimen. 


  • Use ANTI-FATIGUE MIST to protect and awaken complexion throughout the flight. 
  • Help soothe and prevent cell damage by applying ULTRA ELASTIN LIFT to immerse your skin in potent lifting hydration.
  • ULTRA ELASTIN should be applied throughout your flight as needed to reawaken your skin, leaving it super-charged and protected.


  • First use SEA MINERALS PURIFY to gently rebalance and detoxify skin.
  • Smooth a thin layer of ULTRA PEEL over clean skin to renew and refresh your complexion. 
  • Immediately follow with an ULTRA ELASTIN facial massage, always moving upward and outward, to improve micro-circulation and regeneration. Finish with key acupressure points by pressing for a few seconds at the hairline, brow, cheekbones, upper lip and jaw line. Leave on skin for 10 minutes, splash off with tepid water
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